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Classes/Studio Events

  • Learn the basics to get started in this 2 1/2 hour class!

    45 US dollars
  • Ready to tackle more challenging sewing techniques?

    40 US dollars
  • Tips, Tricks & Techniques for the Beginner

    45 US dollars
  • Seauxing Season Quilt Project

    25 US dollars
  • Learn the basics of different Appliqué Techniques

    40 US dollars
  • New and gently used sewing items for sale at amazing prices!

  • Studio time to sew one of project kits, Sew for Charity or work on a p...

    No Fee to Attend
  • Elevate your skills for more advanced projects!

    45 US dollars
  • Sales on specific items announced weekly

  • Advance your sewing skills to a new level

    35 US dollars
All proceeds support the operations and mission of our foundation.
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