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What We Do....

In 2022 Seauxing Seeds Foundation, LLC formed, and shortly after, a corporate donation was given to secure a 860 square-foot commercial space to open its Seauxing Studio in downtown Covington, Louisiana. The Studio will carry out the Foundation’s vision of cultivating the art of sewing through a three-pronged approach: To Educate, Empower, and Enrich.

Seauxing Seeds Foundation offers introductory, beginner, and intermediate sewing classes, as well as quilting classes and special project workshops. Our focus is to foster interest and revitalize the art of sewing in our region. Scholarships are available to qualified candidates.

A future Skills Development Program will allow Seauxing Seeds to offer mentorship and business development training for those who wish to utilize sewing as a business or to seek employment within the sewing/garment industry.

The Seauxing Studio provides workspace and access to machines, at no cost, for volunteers who assist our “Seaux-it-Forward” Program.  Our volunteers will sew and distribute items to our Community Partners. 

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