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Our Humble Beginning

Updated: Mar 19, 2022

What an amazing journey it’s been since that summer day in 2020 when we had a glimmer of an idea about creating Seauxing Seeds Foundation jotted down on paper. That glimmer has now become a full-blown reality as the Seauxing Studio is about to be born!

We have recently secured an 860 square-foot space in downtown Covington and are in the process of cleaning it out. We envision four phases leading to the Studio becoming fully functional.

Our first phase is to patch holes in the ceilings and walls, paint, install LED lighting, pull up the old carpet and refinish the floors.

Phase two will involve bringing in shelves, a 12-foot quilting long arm, a 6 foot by 8 foot cutting table, a serger, an embroidery machine, fabric and miscellaneous supplies, all of which have been donated through various sources.

We will open the studio for the first time on February 12 to our sewing volunteers using the sewing equipment and tables on hand, as well as some borrowed folding tables and chairs. We believe that our permanent tables, chairs and sewing machines will come in the near future and will allow implementation of phase three – our classes!

We will begin with basic sewing education classes - outlines of these have already been completed and registration will follow soon.

We also hope to open our SeauxMart at this time, an area of the studio dedicated to sales of new supplies and new and gently used fabrics by the yard.

Meanwhile, our website has been completely revamped and now includes a feature to allow for online donations, as well as a listing of our most urgent needs.

In addition, we are working diligently to get the volunteer and class registration features activated.

We hope to conclude our final phase – phase four - in the fall with events, seminars and workshops, although we do plan to begin offering some fun workshops and camps in the summer.

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